We benchmarked the 500 most popular websites with and without Disconnect (in parallel), using the Chromium Benchmarking Extension. For each site, we loaded the homepage 10 times to measure the average number of HTTP requests per page, the average size of the page in kilobytes, and the average load time of the page in milliseconds. The results in white are without Disconnect, the results in green are with Disconnect.

With Disconnect, 89% of pages initiated fewer requests, 86% of pages used less bandwidth, and 80% of pages loaded faster. On average, pages with Disconnect initiated 21% fewer requests – 73.5 requests versus 92.4 requests, used 17% less bandwidth – 808.7 kB versus 970.2 kB, and loaded 27% faster – 3779.5 ms versus 5156.9 ms.